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Tradition. Excellence. Innovation. For decades, District 7 has set the bar for public school systems across the state. While we are proud of that legacy, we understand students today need to be challenged in new ways to be prepared for the future. That is why we continually strive to develop new programs that excite students and engage their minds. By honoring our tradition while fostering a passion for learning, our students thrive in an atmosphere of excellence and innovation.
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    Seven Ignites
    Spartanburg School District Seven envisions providing a technologically rich environment that will provide global access to educational resources and information, foster critical thinking skills and creativity through digital technology, provide a medium for collaboration, and prepare our students for tomorrow’s world. We also envision an atmosphere for the classroom that will allow teachers to integrate technology to support learning across the curriculum, to engage all students in the learning process, and to utilize available information to improve student achievement.
    We believe technology can be a powerful tool for enhancing student achievement and preparing them for the future. Spartanburg School District Seven has been proactively preparing our schools for the integration of cutting-edge technology in our schools.
    Seven Ignites is the next evolution of this process and involves the full digital immersion of Spartanburg School District Seven. It is a one-to-one technology initiative where every District Seven student will receive their own personal computing device, an Apple iPad for grades 3-5 and a MacBook Air laptop for grades 6-12. This mobile technology allows students to access learning anytime and anyplace. Its immersion into the learning environment will empower our students with the skills to compete successfully in today’s society. We are confident this vision of student-centered learning will ignite an educational spark and produce future-ready graduates.
    Steps have been taken to fully ensure the security of the technology in regards to tracking, both in terms of theft prevention and appropriate Internet usage. Digital Citizenship is a concept that helps teachers, technology leaders and parents to understand what students/children/technology users should know to use technology appropriately. District Seven expects students to use technology responsibly whether in electronic communication or participation. The district has electronic precautions in place in order for students to participate safely and securely and enjoy the rights of a digital world in an educational setting. To this end, District Seven has partnered with Common Sense Media (, a nonprofit organization that supports digital and media safety.
    Dr. Terry Pruitt
    Deputy Superintendent
    Phone: 864-594-6176
    Lori Humphries
    Executive Secretary to the Deputy Superintendent
    Phone: 864-594-6176
    Tracey Cline
    Coordinator of Title I
    Phone: 864-596-8420
    Dr. Bernard Frost District Mathematics Specialist
    Phone: 864-590-8240
    Secretary for Instruction
    Phone: 864-596-8403
    Dr. Al Jeter
    Director of Assessment, Accountability, and Research
    Phone: 864-594-6172
    Meg Lee
    Gifted and Talented Program Liaison
    Phone: 864-594-6166
    Ann Moore
    Gifted and Talented Program Liaison
    Phone: 864-594-6166
    Dr. Len Starks
    Viking Early College Director
    Phone: TBD
    Leigh Trumel
    District Reading Specialist

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