Gifted & Talented Program

ODYSSEY consists of a series of programs provided by School District 7 to meet the needs of gifted and talented students in grades 3-12. Our mission is to facilitate the journey from high potential to outstanding performance. We accomplish this by providing services that match the unique characteristics and needs of high achieving students.
At the elementary level, ODYSSEY I serves academically gifted and talented students in grade 3. ODYSSEY II serves academically gifted and talented students in grades 4-5. As defined by the state of South Carolina, the gifted and talented are students who have the academic and intellectual potential to function at a high level in one or more fields of study.
At the middle school and high school level, ODYSSEY III serves academically/intellectually gifted and talented students through courses in Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science, as well as specialized ODYSSEY seminars. Advanced and accelerated Math courses are offered to qualifying ODYSSEY and non-ODYSSEY students, as well as an extensive selection of Advanced Placement courses at the high school level.
Theatre ODYSSEY serves students who are gifted and talented in the theatre arts through classes, Saturday workshops, and a summer program.
South Carolina has a uniform, statewide system of identification. A student may qualify on the basis of aptitude (reasoning abilities) alone if the composite score is at or above the 96th national age percentile. A student may also qualify for placement by meeting the eligibility criteria in two of three dimensions:
Dimension A- Reasoning Abilities
Dimension B- Achievement
Dimension C- Academic Performance

Students are identified at every grade level from the end of grade 2 through high school. Students are screened automatically when the results of testing are available. Parents may at any time complete a referral form, available in each school office or on the Web site. If your child is new to the district, complete a referral form, be sure that the previous school has sent test data and other identification information, and ask your child’s guidance counselor to send the referral form, test and identification data to the Coordinator of Programs for ODYSSEY.
ODYSSEY I classes (3rd grade) meet once a week for approximately 3 hours. The elementary ODYSSEY I model is a pullout program that supplements the regular school curriculum. Most classes meet at Houston Elementary School; some 3rd grade classes are held at Pine Street Elementary School.
ODYSSEY II classes (4th and 5th grade) meet once a week for approximately 5 hours. ODYSSEY class schedules are developed each August based on the numbers of children to be served in each school.
ODYSSEY III classes (6th -12 grade) meet every day. Those classes include Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and ODYSSEY seminars. Advanced and accelerated Math classes are also offered to qualifying students.
ADVANCED PLACEMENT classes (9th - 12th grade) meet every day. Advanced Placement courses are offered to qualifying students.
*To support mastery of core areas of learning at a pace, complexity, abstractness, and depth appropriate for gifted learners
*To develop understanding of concepts, themes, and issues which are fundamental to the academic disciplines as well as society and an appreciation for interrelationships among the disciplines
*To develop inquiry skills
*To develop the skills of critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and decision making
*To develop proficiency in communicating abstract and complex ideas, relationships, and issues
*To stimulate curiosity and foster the pursuit of individual interests
*To promote self-understanding and personal growth
ODYSSEY I and II classes provide an advanced curriculum which extends the regular curriculum. Student work is tied to interdisciplinary thematic units, such as advanced mathematics and problem solving, advanced vocabulary, analysis and interpretation of literary genres, and research and independent study.
ODYSSEY III classes provide more demanding expectations, use different text materials or resources from those used in CP courses, and move at a faster pace. In addition to meeting grade-level standards, the student will work on above-level standards in ODYSSEY courses.
The WordMasters Challenge™ is a national competition for students in grades 3-8 that encourages growth in vocabulary and verbal reasoning. Three times each year, nearly 250,000 students from some of the best public and private schools throughout the US participate in the challenge. District 7 participates quite successfully in the challenging Gold Division of this competition, with our grade level teams placing in the top ten in the nation on a regular basis.
The International Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS) provides opportunities for students to engage in creative problem solving activities while developing a student’s ability to reason, to be logical, to be resourceful, and occasionally to be ingenious. Each year, five challenging monthly Olympiad contests are held at the Elementary and Middle School levels.
    ODYSSEY ACES is a parent group open to all parents of ODYSSEY students. ACES is an acronym for Advocators, Communicators, Educators and Supporters. It conveys the group’s goals for our gifted children, their parents, and teachers. For more information about the parent group, please contact Anne Martin, ODYSSEY teacher
    Ann Moore
    Gifted and Talented Program Liaison
    Phone: 864-594-6166
    Cynthia Edge, ODYSSEY teacher
    Susan Holcombe, ODYSSEY teacher
    Alexis Howlett, ODYSSEY teacher
    Anne Martin, ODYSSEY teacher
    Anne McChesney, ODYSSEY teacher
    Kathryn Reichwald, ODYSSEY teacher

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