Carver Middle Earns AVID Top Honor

The Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) system works so well at Carver Middle School that AVID, a global nonprofit, selected Carver as a National Demonstration School, making it the first site in Spartanburg County.
A national kindergarten through postsecondary system, AVID transforms students into confident, college-going scholars and graduates. AVID provides students with the necessary organizational and academic skills, support and systems to be successful in school and beyond. Students practice these skills in AVID elective classes as well as school wide.
Carver joins about 150 other AVID National Demonstration Schools selected through an application process, screening and review, which include a site visit.
“It is a tremendous honor to be selected as an AVID Demonstration School, and we are proud of our AVID program and school as a whole,” said Nicole Thompson, principal of Carver Middle School. “The use of AVID strategies school wide has positively impacted students and staff, and we continue to see a more engaged and college-ready student body.”
“Carver Middle School was selected as an AVID National Demonstration School because it has implemented the AVID System throughout the school and can serve as a model for new AVID sites,” said Terry Pruitt, Deputy Superintendent.
Superintendent Russell Booker said, “I am so proud of the work the staff has done and so proud of the students. Carver is not only a model AVID site; it is a model of what is possible for all students. This school has waited a long time for this kind of recognition. This is not just about a principal or a few teachers, but an entire community.”

Principal Nicole Thompson and Carver Middle School staff display the new school AVID banner.
The recognition of being an AVID National Demonstration School was established in 1993 with a $250,000 award from the Charles A. Dana Foundation of New York. As part of the AVID Demonstration Sites Network, sites develop a model program with school wide participation. With AVID’s proven methodologies used throughout subject-area classes, performance levels improve for all students, but especially for those students who are the least likely to attend four-year colleges. Schools from around the world that are preparing to implement the AVID System will visit Demonstration Schools, such as Carver, to observe the highly evolved AVID System.

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