District 7 Shares New Mission, Vision and Values Statement

We say it all the time! It takes a village to raise a child. But, the pearl of wisdom lost in that slightly overused cliché is that it should take a village to raise our children. As District 7 unveils its new Mission, Vision and Values statement, we do so with the confidence that these defining declarations represent the voices and insights of many. Our students, teachers and staff, our families, community partners and stakeholders have all been invested in charting our direction.
Like all good things that require time and energy, we harnessed the power of more than 500 people, over a 2-year time span, to delve into the quintessential questions that every organization must revisit from time to time. Who are we, as a District, in 2016? What is it that we stand for and strive to do? How will we best serve and support the students we educate? Where does this District hope to be in the next 25 to 50 years? And. so on, and so on.
Starting with paper and pen, (yes, paper and pens!) and in colorful collaboration with the village we call the District 7 community, we discussed, dreamed, detailed, developed and finally drafted (after many months) the document we’ve dubbed our “Inspire and Equip” manifesto. “The entire endeavor, from beginning to end,” said Deputy Superintendent Dr. Terry Pruitt, “was as important as the outcome. This is a very special community and I think everyone who’s been a part of this process is keenly aware that we all play a vital role in what comes next.”
In other words, lest one think the “tribe has spoken” and we can leave it at that, Pruitt says, this is a working document. “It will take a village to advance our progress and realize goals, and it’s affirming to know our community is ready, willing and able!

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