Perfect PASS Scores

In School District Seven 47 students achieved perfect scores on the Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (PASS) test. The tests are given yearly to public school students in grades three through eight, and cover math, science, social studies, writing and English language arts, and are designed to measure how well students have mastered state academic standards. Of the 47 students – 40 students scored perfect on one test, six students on two tests, and one student on three tests.
The students earning a perfect score in one area are: Chantel Aguirre, English; Rachel Allen, English; Jessie Arrington, Math; Aidan Atance, English; Teagan Barnett, Writing; Justin Barron, English; Will Beeson, Math; Maxwell Booker, Math; Deacon Cox, English; DeHaven Dickerson, Math; Alyssa Dowling, Writing; Isabelle Edwards, Social Studies; Will Ericson, English; Ilan Falcon, English; Tristen Godfrey, Math; Aaron Grieshop, English; David Jacob, English; Thomas Kendrick, English; Will Kendrick, Writing; Mac Kimbrell, Math; Lawson Kyle, English; Faith Lee, Writing; John Love, Science; Sarah McMeekin, English; Edward Morris, English; Zachary Moore, Science; Banks Mullen, Math; McClure Mullen, English; Colton Pereyo’, Writing; Charles Pickens, Math; Jacob Price, Math; David Sanders, Science; Elizabeth Stevens , English; Jarrod Swanson, Math; Nolan Sykes, Science; Jack Thorp, Math; Alexander Turner, English; Taliesin Vaneman, Science; Layton Ward, English; and Olivia Wolfe, Writing.
Six students received perfect scores in two different test areas: Nicole Giesbertz in English and Math; Nathan Jones in English and Math; Thomas Keller in English, and Math; Drew Lawton in Writing and Math; Christopher Latham in English and Science; and William Long in Writing and Math. Elizabeth Skinner from Pine Street School earned a perfect core in Writing, English, and Math.
These perfect scores are a remarkable achievement that reflects the exceptional efforts of our students, parents and teachers.

Student Honorees

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