SHS Exceeds State & National AP Passage Rate %; SAT Score Matches National Average

SHS Exceeds the State and National AP Passage Rate Percentage; SAT Composite Score Matches the National Average
The College Board reported Spartanburg High School had an average SAT composite critical reading, math, and writing score of 1471, which matched the national average and was 42 points above the public school state average. More than half of all seniors took the SAT. In addition for schools where at least half of all seniors were tested, Spartanburg School District 7’s composite score exceeded all other Spartanburg County Districts, in addition to Cherokee County, Union County, and Greenville County.
In addition, Spartanburg School District 7 was one of only seventeen school districts in the state to meet the national average on SAT.
District Seven’s average passage rate on Advanced Placement (AP) was 75%. Between Spartanburg High School and the Freshman Academy, the district administered 595 exams, which is significant and impressive. Moreover, District 7 exceeded both the state and national average passage rates on AP exams. The only school in the state to receive a 100% passage rate on AP exams was the SHS Freshman Academy; each 9th grader who took an AP test passed and will receive college credit.
In addition to AP, the district is widening its focus on dual enrollment with students taking college level courses at our Viking Early College, Spartanburg Early College, and the Scholars Academy. Our goal is to ensure every student has an opportunity to take college courses and build college credit while in high school.
Jeff Stevens, Principal, Spartanburg High School, said, “I am so proud of our students’ performance on SAT and AP; these results show their performance is well above their peers. Our focus remains preparing students for the next level. This great accomplishment only strengthens our recent selection as a Newsweek “Top High School” as the criteria included SAT and AP as positive indicators in our selection of how well we prepare students for college.”
Russell Booker, Superintendent, echoed the remarks, “This is great news for our district. We are proud our students at Spartanburg High School and the Freshman Academy have consistently performed above the state and national average on AP passage rates, and additionally pleased our upperclassman have met the national average on SAT. These results are an indication our students are committed to academic excellence. It also shows the dedication our students have to rigorous courses and the teachers’ commitment to make sure the students get what they need to perform well. I am very proud of our students and faculty.”

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