Students & Teachers Utilize Technology During Snow Days

Richard’s classes are discussing Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” She made the decision to move the discussions online after seeing the weather forecast for the week on Monday afternoon. Richard divided her class into groups on Edmodo. Her latest assignment was for each student to find examples of poison, both literal and figurative, in the play and to analyze how they are related to each other, and what they mean to the play as a whole.
Richard said she was surprised by how much students were willing to say when asked to post on the subject, as well as comment on posts made by other students. “Some students said more online than they may have in class,” she said.
In another class, Jessica Burke, an 11th grade English teacher at Spartanburg High School, said her students were working on a unit she created about the theme of happiness in several works of literature. She posted a 12-minute video on Monday to accompany her usual, week-long homework assignment and was a little surprised at how quickly many students completed their assignment.
“I am really happy to know that my students are learning despite this weather,” she said.
She uses Edmodo to keep in touch with students. The site allows students to easily message teachers with questions or concerns. “I’ve messaged back and forth with several students as they continue to fine-tune their writing,” Burke said.
Superintendent Russell Booker is proud teachers were using the technology available outside of the classroom to keep students learning, even when school is out.

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